Our story

Hälsa combines the enthusiasm of youth with the wisdom of experience.

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Our story

The three Karjula brothers have all shared a deep fascination with humanity ever since their childhood. From the diverse selection of available career paths, Henri decided on health sciences, while Janne focused on economics and Lari went to medical school. The fields could not be more different, but the plan was the same for them all: to spread goodness through their own expertise and example.

The trio combined their expertise and made their dreams come true: in 2015, Hälsa was founded to boost working life culture in a way that would allow it to support an individual’s comprehensive well-being. The cornerstone of all their operations is the understanding that employees are not measurable objects or production tools.

Even in the midst of this digital era, the most successful companies are built on individuals that are able to charge their energy reserves and maintain a smooth everyday life. The changes stemming from their high spirit and motivation will take the teams to the best possible end result. The first years of Hälsa were enough to prove that the trust achieved through real encounters and openness is the key to true development and, through that, to real profitability.

Pertec joins in

Pentti Sydänmaanlakka had built his career as the HR manager of several large companies, such as Nokia, Kone, Siemens and Nixford. In the mid-90s, Pentti decided to challenge himself: I always encourage others to continuous renewal, but do I follow this mantra myself? It was time to facilitate the renewal of individuals, teams and organisations on a larger scale. Pentti founded Pertec Consulting Oy.

The values of his company had their roots solidly in humanism. Pertec wanted to develop intelligent organisations that combine efficiency, renewal and well-being. Gradually, its expert team of better management systems and performance technology experts grew bigger.

The next two decades are busy: The frame of reference, processes and tools of intelligent leadership are developed systematically. Pentti carries out research and publishes several books, the team keeps growing and the operations become focused on consultation and coaching of higher management.

In 2019, the entrepreneurs of Pertec and Hälsa come to see the opportunities offered by merging their two companies. Hälsa’s competence in occupational well-being and the enthusiasm and energy of youth meet the long experience, scientific background and innovative solutions of Pertec’s team. The companies merged, and now Hälsa will boost individuals and organisations to top condition even more extensively and effectively than before.