Team coaching

Goal-oriented development of a work community’s interactions, trust and roles.

Reaching for common goals

Our team coaching improves trust and interactions in a work community and helps individuals grow into their best potential. Our coaching is the solution for when you want to take the team operations to a whole new level and develop the work community to support the comprehensive well-being of your employees.


Our coaching helps

  • clarify the central goals of the team or the work community and schedule the follow-up measures
  • compile personal growth and development plans as a part of the work community
  • discover practical tools that facilitate achieving the best possible results.

The results

  • healthy, efficient and committed employees
  • successful teams
  • and a magical boost to cooperation.

Customised to your needs

The content, duration and number of meetings in our coaching service will always be customised according to the customer’s wishes, working community and individual needs. The duration of a coaching appointment is 1–6 hours.

The coaching will be customised as individual, group or work community coaching.

Välineet ja mittarit

Valmennuksissa hyödynnämme erinomaisiksi todettuja työkaluja ja ohjelmistoja.

Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment
InBody -test
eNPS - Employee Net Promoter Score
Intelligent Organization
Intelligent Public Organization
Team performance evaluation
Intelligent self-leadership assessment
Preliminary, intermediate and follow-up tasks
Test days
Self Leader-online coaching

“Hälsa’s well-being programme clearly improved the well-being of our employees as well as our team culture. Personal coaching and workshops on the work community level helped establish the changes as part of the daily operations. The programme helped develop feedback culture, meeting practices and the roles of key people, among other aspects. Social interactions between the employees have increased and the team spirit in our community has improved.”

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