Intelligent Leadership

Developing organisations and providing supervisor, management team and strategy coaching with far-reaching results.

Leadership vision

Participatory coaching helps us clarify the common goal that is meaningful to the entire personnel and develop the working community’s operational culture in a comprehensive way, ranging from supervisory work to the management team’s work. Our coaching is the solution when you wish to ensure that your organisation can meet the expectations set for leading people.



Our coaching

  • develop the capabilities and motivation for intelligent, modern leadership on all organisational levels,
  • are practical; we will also practise concrete, everyday leadership situations,
  • can be used as a tool for creating coordinated leadership practices.

The results

  • a concrete development plan and tools for monitoring success and effectiveness,
  • a comprehensive view of your own supervisory work: growing in your role, social interactions, overcoming challenges, leading different personalities and managing well-being,
  • goal-oriented starting points for evolving in your work and building a strong, positive work community culture and a successful team

Customised to your needs

The content, duration and number of meetings in our coaching service will always be customised according to the customer’s wishes, working community and individual needs. The duration of a coaching appointment is 1–6 hours.

The coaching will be customised as individual, group or work community coaching.

Tools and indicators

We utilise proven tools and assessments for our coaching work.

Intelligent self-leadership
Operating style -evaluation (for example WPB5, Disc)
Management team evaluation
Preliminary, intermediate and follow-up tasks
Leadership self-assessment
Leadership 360° -assessment
Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment
InBody -test
eNPS - Employee Net Promoter Score

“The best parts of the supervisor coaching have been the open interactions and the increased trust between the supervisors, which resulted from the work. The interactive and functional coaching pedagogics of the supervisor coaching has offered each supervisor a suitable way to grow and develop. The coaching also provided great tools for self-leadership and unifying the leadership practices of immediate supervisors. The angle of coaching, i.e. coaching through self-leadership, was especially well-liked.”

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The content and duration of our coaching are always customised according to the organisation’s wishes.
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