More success, motivation and results by investing in occupational well-being

From rush to efficiency

Our coaching helps develop the staff’s time management, interactions and other aspects of self-leadership skills. Our coaching is also the solution when you wish to invest in the staff well-being and their occupational capabilities.


Our coaching

  • deepens your understanding of your development areas, strengths and operational methods
  • helps set personal goals both for work and personal well-being
  • develops social interaction and prioritising skills
  • and reinforces life management skills and well-being also outside the workplace.

    The employee will gain

    • increased self-awareness and confidence
    • personal growth and development plans
    • increased work motivation and a sense of meaning
    • and comprehensively better life management, resulting in improved well-being.

    The organisation will gain

    • more efficient use of time
    • decreased amount of unnecessary work
    • and a more productive approach to work, both for individuals and the entire team.

    Customised to your needs

    The content, duration and number of meetings in our coaching service will always be customised according to the customer’s wishes, working community and individual needs. The duration of a coaching appointment is 1–6 hours.

    The coaching will be customised as individual, group or work community coaching.

    Tools and indicators

    We utilise proven tools and assessments for our coaching work.

    Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment
    InBody - test
    eNPS - Employee Net Promoter Score
    Intelligent self-leadership assessment
    Test days
    Self Leader-online coaching
    Preliminary, intermediate and follow-up tasks

    “Hälsa’s training offered me valuable support for self-leadership in my daily operations. Clarifying the goals of my work and improved time management have helped me find balance between work, leisure and rest, which has notably boosted the efficiency of my work.”

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