Privacy Policy

We are committed to protecting the privacy of our customers. Your trust is important to us!
The data we process can be divided into the following sections: information given by the user, data observed based on the use of online services and data derived from analytics.
We use data to provide and customise services, for customer services and for product development.
Well-being coaching agency Hyvinvointivalmennus Hälsa Oy’s policy regarding the collection of data on online platforms and the user terms of the sites.

Last updated: 2019-01-20

Your privacy protection is important to us. This document explains which personal data Hyvinvointivalmennus Hälsa Oy (hereinafter referred to as Hälsa) may collect when you use Hälsa’s websites and/or online services. This privacy policy ensures that we follow the security and privacy regulations defined in the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as well as Finnish law.

Hälsa operates within the data protection laws of the European Union and Finnish law. Hälsa processes personal data in accordance with good processing practices, using data-protected devices. This document details further the user terms of Hälsa’s websites. All rights to Hälsa’s online services and websites and their content are reserved. By using Hälsa’s website and/or online services, you commit to following the terms in this document. We request that you read through this document before using Hälsa’s website or online services.

Service provider and register controller:

Hyvinvointivalmennus Hälsa Oy

Kuortaneenkatu 2, 00510 Helsinki

045 631 4322

Y-tunnus: 2796500-5

Henkilötietojen käsittelystä vastaava yhteyshenkilö:

Lari Karjula, kehitysjohtaja

050 352 9331

The contact person in matters related to the processing of personal data:

Personal data collected in our electronic environments

Personal data refers to information based on which a natural person can be identified. This information can be in written, image or digital format, for example. In addition to personal data, we may also collect unidentified and anonymous data of our clients, such as data saved in our user systems.

Personal data may include such data as name, contact information (address, telephone number, e-mail address), personal identity codes, data related to invoicing and other necessary financial information, data about the ordered services or products and any changes related to them, as well as other information related to the client relationship or orders.

Personal data can be collected through electronic platforms, e.g. through surveys, online forms or contact request forms.

Hälsa will use the data it collects for coaching and reception work. Personal data can also be used for marketing purposes, invoicing, maintaining contact and
managing the client relationship.

Hälsa can also use the data it collects for research work. Any data used in research will be anonymised. This means that identification is irreversibly prevented, and that any data used for research purposes cannot be recovered as data that could be linked to a natural person.

How do we use personal data

Personal data is processed with data-protected devices and systems. Access to viewing personal data is only limited to people for whom reviewing the data is necessary in order to perform their work.

Information containing personal data must be sent over a secure connection. The company is not liable for any direct and/or indirect damage resulting from messages sent through a public information network.

Data disclosure

Client data can be disclosed to third parties with the client’s explicit permission, for example for the purposes of direct deliveries. If necessary, the data controller may also disclose data outside the EU and

Client data can also be disclosed to trusted third parties, for example in connection to invoicing (e.g. bank systems), in actions related to accounting (e.g. accounting agency) or due to debt collection (tax administration, enforcement office and authorities).

Viewing and managing personal data

The company may interrupt the use of electronic service platforms, for example for the duration of maintenance operations.

Cookies and similar technologies

Hälsa uses cookies and similar technologies to provide its websites and online services as well as for collecting data. Cookies allow Hälsa to save a user’s settings, enable signing in and analyse the functionality of its websites, for example.

Hälsa commits to ensuring the data protection of devices and systems used for processing personal data. However, Hälsa is not responsible for the data protection of e.g. banks or accounting companies that may indirectly process the company’s customer data.

Data protection rights

The following rights apply to Hälsa clients:

All clients of the company have the right to request to view the personal data stored regarding them and the right to claim a rectification of a potential error or deficient information. If a person requests to review or rectify data saved regarding them, this request must be made to the controller in writing. The controller may request the person submitting the request to verify their identity. The controller will answer to the person submitting the request within the time period defined in the EU’s General Data Protection Act.

The person has the right to request the erasure of their data from the company’s use. The person may also request a restriction on use of their data within the framework established by the EU’s General Data Protection Act. These requests need to also be sent to the controller in writing. The controller may request the person submitting the request to verify their identity. The controller will answer to the person submitting the request within the time period defined in the EU’s General Data Protection Act.